AC Repair Ontario, CA

Are you sweating through the scorching heat with a malfunctioning AC? You’re not alone! We understand the typical problems that can turn your home into an oven during those hot summer days. But worry not; relief is just a call away. Our AC repair services in Ontario, CA, are here to rescue you from the sweltering misery. Say goodbye to the heat and welcome cool, comfortable indoor air with Macawsome Heating & Cooling!

Are you looking for a trusted AC repair contractor? Whether you need AC repair, installation, or replacement, we are the team to call!

Is It Time for Air Conditioning Repair Services? Recognizing the Signs

Your air conditioning unit is an important part of your home and should be serviced regularly to ensure it runs efficiently. Let’s take a look at some common signs that indicate it is time for professional air conditioning repair services:

Unusually high electric bills -

If you notice your electricity bills are climbing higher than usual, this could indicate an AC unit in need of repair.

Unusual noises from the system -

If you hear any rattling or squeaking noises from your AC unit, this could be a sign of malfunction.

Airflow issues -

If you're having trouble getting air to flow through certain vents in the house, or if you feel like the air quality has changed, it could indicate a system issue.

Temperature regulation problems -

If your AC unit is having difficulty regulating temperatures and you're getting too hot or too cold in certain areas of the house, this could be a sign of an AC issue.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, we can help. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and solve your AC problems quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to endure the heat for long. Get your AC back in top shape with expert AC repair in Ontario, CA!

How Much Does AC Repair Cost in Ontario, CA?

This question is only possible to answer with an inspection of the system since so many variables can affect the cost of AC repair in Ontario, CA. Factors such as your unit’s age and size, the issue’s severity, and even where you live can all contribute to repair costs. However, we are committed to providing affordable services that fit any budget; our technicians will provide an estimate before any work is done so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Keep your AC running smoothly all year long with our expert AC maintenance services. Schedule now to enjoy cool, worry-free comfort.

Why Choose Our AC Repair Company in Ontario, CA?

Are you searching online for “AC repair near me”? Do you want to work with an experienced and reliable company? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Macawsome Heating & Cooling, we have a team of highly trained and certified technicians who are passionate about providing superior service to our customers. We understand how important it is for your AC unit to run smoothly, so we go above and beyond to ensure your system works as it should. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, you can count on us for your AC repair needs in Ontario, CA.

Among other reasons, our customers choose us because:

We’re here to help you keep your home cool and comfortable. With our AC repair services in Ontario, CA, you can rest easy knowing that your system will run smoothly in no time.
Don’t hesitate to call us today at 909-333-4004, and let Macawsome Heating & Cooling help you find relief from the summer heat! Schedule AC repair in Ontario, CA!


To prevent major breakdowns, it’s recommended to have your AC serviced annually. Regular maintenance can catch minor issues before they become major problems, extending the lifespan of your unit.
The decision between repair and replacement depends on your AC unit’s age, condition, and efficiency. Our technicians can assess your system and provide recommendations based on cost-effectiveness and long-term benefits.
It varies depending on the complexity of the issue. Minor repairs may be completed in a few hours, while more extensive problems might take longer. Our technicians will provide an estimated time frame upon assessment.